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The #1 Reason Kids Miss School:


It's true.

Kids are missing over 51 MILLION hours of school each year (no) thanks to tooth troubles.

At the Happy Tooth Foundation (HTF), we're on a mission to provide access, services, and education to the families who need it most. And most importantly, create a world where nothing stands in the way of a smile.

Let's keep kids in the game

Meet the founders

  • Raul Neto

    Raul is from Belo Horizonte, Brazil and is a professional basketball player in the NBA - the best basketball league in the world. Raul Neto started HTF to give back to underserved kids, with a special focus on bringing support to families in the communities where he's played and in his home country.

  • Tyler Hanks

    Dr. Tyler Hanks is from Salt Lake City, Utah and is a pediatric dentist and the founder of Happy Tooth Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Hanks is passionate about creating positive dental care experiences for kids early and often. He started HTF to raise awareness and change the way people think about oral care.


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